• Rapid Drug Detox Commitment
  • Rapid Drug Detox from Opiates
  • Get Your Life Back from Drug Addiction

What Is Rapid Drug Detox

Rapid drug detox is a specialized treatment that removes all opiates from the brain’s receptors while the patient is asleep under anesthesia/sedation. To increase effectiveness and comfort MDS uses safe, FDA approved medications during the procedure to accomplish the rapid detox and to protect against future relapse. Performed in a hospital setting with board certified doctors, our rapid drug detox process will have the patient on their feet and back into their lives in a matter of days, not weeks.

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The MDS Detox Process

MDS’ board certified Doctors and Psychotherapist studies each patient’s drug, medical and psychiatric history to tailor a safe, effective treatment. Within a hospital setting the best FDA approved medications, vitamins and electrolytes are used to facilitate the rapid detox process. After care is managed 1-on-1 and MDS offers the best relapse protection in the world, Naltrexone. We use a 2-month Naltrexone implant and work with the patient to maintain this relapse protection for as long needed to guarantee success.

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The MDS Advantages

  • Live cleanly without the feeling of addiction or dependency.
  • Reconnect with family, friends, loved ones and children.
  • Board certified physicians with more than 30 years combined experience.
  • Care that's affordable for all - $8,000 inclusive, with financing available.
  • Complete privacy with 100% confidentiality.
  • Short term recovery so you don't have to quit your job for long-term therapy or rehab.

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Safety is Our Priority

Our goal is to provide the safest, the best and the most economical way to free you from your drug- opiate addiction. Our methods have been perfected by our extensive exposure to thousands of patients over years of combined experience. We understand what your concerns are. We know that safety, confidentiality, and efficacy are important to you.